The Secret Sandbanks

 A private excursion of 4 hours. Departing at 14, through the ancient Venetian lagoon, we will discover the evocative and mysterious Venetian sandbanks that, only during the low tide, emerge from the lagoon. These untouched islands, let us imagine what difficulties our ancestors had to overcome to settle in the center of the lagoon, and build a city like Venice, counting only on fishing as the first livelihood. Continuing the excursion, You will discover the ancient fish farms, and modern methods of fishing in the lagoon: huge mechanical nets that fit the whole canals size are put under water then raised up.. A trip far away from the classic turistic lagoon routes where you’ll have the chance to take amazing movies and pictures of the local fauna and flora.

This trip is ideal for people loving peace, quiet places and a little taste of adventure.