Redentore Fire and Water

Contact us to book your Redeemer by boat, so you will have the chance to have a front row seat for the most famous Venetian party !!!

The Redentore feast is the event that recalls the grace that Venice received. At the behest of the Doge at the time it was requested, a promise was made : every year, on the day the city was declared free from the scourge, a procession would be held up to the new votive church.
Its construction by order of the Venetian Senate ( September 4th, 1576 ) took place in the island of Giudecca in the area of the Franciscan convent. The new church of the “Redentore” as an ex voto for the liberation of the city from the plague of 1575-1577, scourge that caused the death of more than a third of the city’s population in just two years, was commissioned to Palladio. At the end of the pestilence, in July 1577, it was decided to celebrate, with annual date, the liberation, with the setting up of a votive bridge.

This celebration is still very lively on the third weekend of July, where many Venetians with their boats have been gathering for centuries in the San Marco basin to admire the fireworks.

In this wonderful party you will have the opportunity to live Redentore in a typical Venetian boat in a comfortable lounge waiting for the start of the fireworks surrounded by thousands of anchored boats that form small floating islands in a party and brotherhood atmosphere.
It is an experience not to be missed!